Hina, not again!

What? Why not? I wasn’t sure then…

Haha.. You think you are sure about it now? Like 100% sure? Like you will stick to this forever?

Ofcourse, I am su…. Uuummmmm… I mean… I like this one better!

Okay! As if you would ever listen.. So what would you tell them?

Them? I am sure they would understand! They know me better than you.

Shut up! You owe an explanation.. How exactly would you explain changing your blog name thrice in 4 years? This is not normal.

Errrrrr… I can explain…

Sure! Go ahead…. 

Okay… You know what? I have a huge list of explanations for you & below are a few:

– I have changed a lot as a person in the last 4 years.

– When I started MAKEUPBYHINA, I never thought I could write about anything else but makeup.

– Although I am still passionate about makeup, I have developed a strong feeling about few other things too.

– My personal style has evolved from just comfort to chic, modern & classy! And ofcourse I can’t share about my evolving STYLE in a makeup focused blog!

– I have developed a strong desire to TRAVEL. I want to travel, travel a lot, travel across the world, meet different people, learn new cultures, explore the unexplored & ofcourse I can’t write about TRAVEL in a makeup focused blog!

– FOOD! I had been very finicky about my food. I would just eat a few things and would not even attempt to try out new cuisines. My palette has changed. I have been loving experimenting with various delicious cuisines & trying out new places to eat. I have even created a Zomato account to share my reviews with others because I can’t write about FOOD in a makeup focused blog!

– I have been a techie by birth and would always invest in new technology, interesting gadgets & I love playing with new Apps & Games. While I always wanted to write a post on my favourite gadgets for girls, must have apps, etc, I couldn’t write about TECHNOLOGY in a makeup focused blog!

Waittt.. Stop! That’s a lot of reasons already. I get where you are coming from but are your sure about this name?

Yes, ofcourse! How can I go wrong with my own name? I choose this because it defines me the BEST. I want this space to be about everything I love & want to share with everyone out there without being restricted to one specific niche.

You know what? I know you better.. You are IMPULSIVE & INDECISIVE and I am sure this won’t last for long enough too..

Haha.. If you ask my mom, she would also agree. I’m impulsive and indecisive, ok fine.. But I like to consider myself a perfectionist who follows her gut. And my gut, at 3 AM on a Tuesday night, was telling me to change blog names. And you know what? Even before this blog was born, I had already rebranded most of my Social Media profile to my name. So now everything is in SYNC & ready to take off!

Sounds fancy but I am still not convinced & I am sure they’re neither!

Really? You think so? Let me ask them, then!

‘Hey there! So you think the same? I am sure you’re on my side. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!” *fingers crossed*


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